Litigation Overview

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Maybe you just received a summons and a complaint requiring you to file an answer in a lawsuit. Do you have any counterclaims against the other party? Now they want to take your deposition? What’s next?

What if you bought a large tract of land for commercial development and 6 months later you realize that it is not properly zoned for the project you planned to build or there is a major title defect and your lender just advised they are not loaning the funds for your development? How are you going to fix the title problem and who should pay for it?

Or perhaps your main competitor just started offering a new product exactly like yours, and one of your key employees left and joined their business 3 months ago? What can you do? What should you do?

Our litigation team understands and spends the needed time and energy to understand the business and real estate issues you face as a company or an individual. This understanding allows us to formulate an effective strategy, zealously advocate on your behalf, and execute our litigation plan to position your case for success.

Litigation is our business, but we also understand that litigation is not your business and often frustrates business owners due to the time, expense, and stress associated with litigation. Therefore, our attorneys also have experience implementing alternative dispute resolution techniques, and when suitable we assist clients to negotiate settlements so they can concentrate on more productive business endeavors.

The Kuhn Law Firm is known for our aggressive yet deliberate approach to litigation. Strategy decisions are made in coordination with our clients, and we work diligently to guide you through each stage of the litigation process in as cost effective manner as possible in light of your litigation objectives.

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