Estate Planning

Your family is your most treasured asset. What legacy will you leave? Have you planned for how your assets will be passed to the next generation? How will your estate be impacted by taxes? Will your heirs have to pay taxes on the assets you leave them? These are just some of the issues our attorneys will help you resolve in order to make certain your most treasured asset is secure.

Kuhn Law Firm attorneys provide estate planning and administration services to individuals, business owners and their families. Estate Planning brings into focus a client’s individualized needs and desires in connection with planning for the inevitable. This requires a trusted advisor who will be sensitive to your personal privacy as you plan how to distribute assets while reducing the possibility of emotional conflicts upon your eventual passing. These are difficult issues to deal with, but avoiding them will only cause increased confusion and disagreement. This is why Kuhn Law Firm attorneys exercise the utmost discretion and professionalism when handling your estate planning matter.

Examples of estate planning services our attorneys provide include: