Business & General Corporate Matters

Are you considering starting a business on your own or forming a company to go into business with a friend or colleague? What type of entity should you use? Will you need financing? What happens if two years later you no longer get along with your partner or the business is failing?

Perhaps you have been running your business for years; it’s growing, even thriving. Now you need to acquire some equipment, sign a new lease, or purchase your current location to take the business to a new level. You need a trusted legal adviser to help chart your course, formulate strategy, and put you in a position to execute mission critical deals for your company and employees. And what about your employees? Are you worried about them? Do they have access to confidential, trade secret information that you need to protect? What about your client and vendor lists? What if that trusted employee leaves and starts a competing enterprise two blocks away – after all that you invested in them to benefit your business. Unfortunately, sometimes you will need an attorney to litigate business disputes and protect your business assets.

Kuhn Law Firm attorneys represent businesses, both large and small, as well as their owners. We offer a broad range of legal services and advice on issues related to all aspects of business from professionals, to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, regulated industries, builders and developers, retail, and industrial operations. We work diligently with each client to help them create and implement strategies to achieve their financial and business goals, and to protect their most vital business assets.

Specific examples of legal services we provide in this area include: